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Shenglin Packaging's PSM products are derived from plant starch, eco-friendly to environment. PSM products can reduce CO2 emIssion and save oil usage, no BPA, no heavy metal, no plasticizer. Cornstarch tableware are no effluent and exhaust discharged during production. PSM tableware are easy to be processed in traditional machinery with high quality. 

PSM products are very popular and widely used in our daily life like when you go out and have a to go fast food or pack some salad or drink something, you will find the PSM products in everywhere in our life. Welcome to inquiry.

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  • Cornstarch Tableware Plate And Box with details below: 1. Made from cornstarch ,100% biodegradable, from nature and back to nature. 2. 120℃ oil and 100 ℃ water resistant, can be used in microwave and refrigerator . 3. Healthy, Nontoxic, Harmless and Sanitary ,can be recycled and protect the resource. 4. Variety of sizes, shapes and uses available.

  • Disposable 6 inch Cornstarch Cutlery Set has features below: 1. Eco-friendly . 2. Heat resistance up to 220 F ( degrees ). 3. Eco-friendly and approved by FDA. 4. Non Toxicity, Hygienic, sturdy.

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