Paper Cups

Shenglin Packaging have single wall paper cups, double wall paper cups, ripple wall paper cups and cold double PE paper cups for customer's to choose. Customer can choose PE or PLA to be the coated of the paper cups they want. Many sizes of paper cups and printings are available for all kinds of food beverages wholesalers and retailers. 

Disposable paper cups are workable for hold hot liquid like coffee, tea or some other hot drinks.

Shenglin Packaging's paper cups are very hot sale for mainland China and overseas. Welcome to inquiry.

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  • Superior printing quality,Hot and cold, no deformation,No odors, no leaks, more durable. An effective way of carrying hot beverage and anti hot. Superior print quality for special print options and branding opportunities. All production procedures are inhouse, complying to Food Contact Safe, and Social Compliance requirements. Paper cup lid is made of thick paper, strong and comfortable to grasp. Compared with plastic cups, using paper covers is safer and safer, which is more popular with environmentalists. Our disposable paper cup covers are environmentally friendly and recyclable, and can be discarded after use.

  • 1.Disposable Paper Coffee Cup Sleeves are the matching product of paper cup. Where there are paper cups, there are paper cup sleeve. 2. Paper cup sleeve come in a variety of styles and materials, like corrugated paper and white paper and kraft paper sleeves. We can make customized shape design and logo printing. 3. Paper cup sleeve are made to fit with single wall coffee cups, to protect people from hot coffee heats.

  • I Love Coffee Paper Hot Cup is new design - Very cute and easy. These paper cups are design to meet young people's market. Wholesale paper cups are suitable for coffee shops, drink bar, especially the take away coffee stores. Young people surely will love the coffee and new designed style..

  • Heavy duty coffee paper cups all sizes- Food Grade Material Take Away Coffee Paper Cup 2 production lines for all kinds of the cups making. Over hundreds of thousands paper cups finished everyday. The paper cups can be use in everywhere of our life. You can see paper cups in the shopping mall, restaurant, drink store, coffee shops and so on. All the paper cups can hold hot coffee, hot tea, milk and other drink you like. These paper cups are stable and safe for use. These coffee cups meets the US and EU market standards.

  • Disposable ice cream paper cups are made of regular paper with double Pe coated on both side of the cups. Disposable Ice Cream Cups With Lid are widely use at coffee shops, drink store, ice cream shop. Most of the children loves the ice cream ball. Ice cream cups are always hot for sale.

  • 1. 100% Biodegradable 8oz Paper Coffee Cup fits into our daily life very easily and we can live without a cup. 2. People drinking water and coffee, tea everyday and we need cups especially when we are outsize and need a paper cups for take away drinks. 3. We have standard paper coffee cups in coffee bean design and white design with some stocks products. If new orders also with a very quick lead time if customers need them in very short time. We can provide stock design with short lead time and small quantity.

China Paper Cups manufacturers and suppliers - Shenglin. Welcome to wholesale Paper Cups from our factory. We can provide you with price list and quotation.
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