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plastic ban in New South Wales, Australia since November 1st

As of Nov. 1, New South Wales, Australia, has banned the sale of plastic straws, mixers, cutlery and cotton swabs altogether, and other jurisdictions are taking similar steps at their own pace. The plastic ban in New South Wales, Australia, will also include microbeads in polystyrene food packaging and personal care products.

James Griffin, environment minister for New South Wales, said in an interview that the massive use of single-use plastic waste was devastating to the environment.

According to statistics, single-use plastic items and packaging make up 60% of all waste in New South Wales.

By better limiting plastic, New South Wales will be able to reduce 2.7 billion pieces of plastic waste in the next 20 years, which is a huge contribution to the environment.

Lightweight plastic bags have been banned in Australia since 1 June 2022. Plastic bags 35 microns (0.035 mm) or thinner will be banned. Thin compostable or biodegradable bags are also banned because they will not break down unless handled in an industrial composting facility and will still cause as many problems as conventional plastic, the government said. Businesses found supplying banned plastic bags face fines of between A $11,000 and A $275,000. The ban does not apply to thicker reusable plastic bags, garbage bags and packaging for basic products.

While the use of single-use plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery and cotton swabs has been banned, the use of these single-use plastic products could be replaced by more environmentally friendly products.

Shenglin Packaging Company has a wide range of environmentally friendly disposable biodegradable and composted tableware made from bagasse. Bagasse trays, bagasse bowls, bagasse food boxes, bagasse sauce cups, etc. can be used as an alternative to single-use plastic cutlery.

rectangular bagasse food containers

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