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Paper Bento Box


Shenglin Packaging Company has recently launched a 4-compartment Paper bento box.

Shenglin Packaging Company's paper bento boxes are made of food-grade paper and double-coated. 

paper takeaway boxes

Paper bento box has the advantages of waterproof, oil resistant, odorless, direct contact with food and safe use.

Shenglin Packaging Company paper bento box cover is connected with the box, you can directly open and close the bento box. The paper bento box can be secured with a rubber band to prevent food leakage, easy to pack and carry, and durable.

Paper bento box product details as below: 

Item code



color Description
carton size(cm)
blank or printed 4 compartment Paper Bento Box#small 
275+double PE
125 500 68*43*45
205*180*40 bank or printed
4 compartment Paper Bento Box#Large 290+double PE
100 400 59*55*43

Shenglin Packaging Company's Paper Bento Box comes in large and small sizes to meet different food needs, which can effectively save food.

Paper bento boxes can be used for a variety of Chinese or Western food, some snacks and other delicacies can be packaged together. As disposable tableware, the paper bento box can be discarded after using, paper do not need to clean.
With four compartments, Shenglin Packaging's paper bento box conveniently holds a variety of foods without mixing them together, allowing for multiple delicious experiences at the same time

paper takeaway boxes

The paper bento box of Shenglin Packaging Company is suitable for a variety of people, especially office workers or students.

paper takeaway boxes

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