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Seattle bans straws and utensils made of plastic


According to statistics, there are about 5,000 catering companies with business licenses in Seattle. This wave-limiting plastic measure is expected to have a significant impact. The Seattle Public Utilities Commission announcement pointed out that violations will face a $ 250 fine.

According to Jackson, a strategic adviser to the Waste Avoidance and Product Management Department of the Seattle Public Utilities Commission, from July 1, 2018, catering operators will no longer be able to provide plastic straws, plastic cutlery and other tableware to consumers. , Also provide reusable tableware or try to avoid straws.

Hara, chairman of the Seattle Public Utilities Commission, said that the global ocean is facing a serious crisis of plastic pollution. "Seattle is a pioneer, setting an example for other cities in the United States and setting a ban on drinking straws. I am very proud of myself."

paper straw

Hara further stated that next year's goal is to allow all restaurant operators, food truck vendors and simmering restaurants to avoid using plastic tableware and switch to compostable plastic products. It is reported that although the restaurant industry is prohibited from providing plastic tableware and straws, consumers can still buy these products in supermarkets and retail stores around Seattle.

We need to stop using plastic items and replace them with more green and eco friendly paper products and pulp paper tableware. Green packaging like sugarcane pulp tableware and paper straws can be used as replacement. This is better help our earth. 

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