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The whole world is in environmental protection limit plastic, big brands have recently done what new changes?


On Friday, food and beverage giant Pepsi said it would reduce the number of non-recyclable plastic packaging in its drinks by 35 percent by 2025, a new target after the brand announced a 25 percent reduction in non-recyclable plastic packaging in June.

Pepsi has already started updating packaging for some of its products: next year, for example, it will replace plastic bottles with aluminum cans for Aquafina and Bubly sparkling water sold in the U.S. High-end water Life will also be converted into recyclable plastic bottles. Currently, Naked juice sold in the us is packaged in recycled plastic bottles.

Pepsi also points out that companies' efforts to introduce recyclable packaging are also limited by the ability to recycle environmentally friendly materials in different markets. Pepsi cannot implement the same eco-friendly packaging strategy in different markets because of the different recycling capabilities in different regions.

"The recycling system for recyclable materials is mature in Europe," said Simon Lowden, President of PepsiCo's global food division. The us market is somewhere in between."

Before the European Union has proposed a "plastic limit" draft, banned, including cotton bar, straw, tableware, 10 kinds of disposable plastic products, such as the draft this year by the eu council of the European commission for examination and approval, the eu member state two years to transform it into national law, that is to say 2021 Europe will achieve full plastic limit.

For many food and beverage giants, it is imperative to introduce recyclable packaging in Europe as soon as possible. This summer Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), the company's European bottling company, announced that it would replace its Honest Tea, Smart water and other products with 100% recyclable rPET bottles from 2020, which it said would reduce demand for 9,920 tonnes of raw plastic in Western Europe.

Starbucks' recyclable packaging update began earlier with the introduction of duck bill LIDS and paper straws in some stores.

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