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How do you make a paper cup


The width of the paper is processed according to the face and mode of the printing plate.

The main process for disposable paper cups are as below:

base paper coating --- printing --- die-cutting --- forming --- inspection / testing --- packing into bags --- boxing and packaging completion --- put in store---- shipping.

More details for making disposable paper cups paper cups are as follows:

1. Laminating the base paper to make it have the effect of water barrier;

2. There are two types of offset printing and flexo printing;

3. The next step is die cutting, which is to cut the printed paper into sheets of fan-shaped paper.

Advanced machines can die-cut by themselves;

4. The last is molding. The molding needs two parts: the cup body and the cup bottom;

The so-called cup body is a fan-shaped piece die-cut from the front, and the bottom of the cup is a paper roll of different specifications.

The production process of disposable paper cold cups is directly printed from paper base paper, die cutting, forming processing, and spraying food wax on the surface.

The process of making disposable paper cups for hot drinks is from paper cup base paper into paper cup paper through printing, printing, die cutting and forming.

Shenglin Pakaging have single well paper cup, double wall cup and ripple wall cup for customers to choose. 

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