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Italy creates Europe's first plastic-free ski resort


According to foreign media reports. In early December 2019, Pejo 3000, a ski resort in Valdisor, Trentino, opened in winter. The ski resort prohibits the use of plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic tableware, plastic cups and other items. And will take other measures one after another, such as the one-day ski pass no longer uses plastic sleeves, improve waste collection methods, etc., to eliminate the use of plastic.

Reports that this ski resort attracted 137,000 skiers last winter and will no longer provide plastic items in its three mountain huts in the future.

Fabio Sacco of the Tourism Bureau of Valdisor, Italy, said: "This is the first step in the sustainable development of the ski area."

According to reports, the completion of this policy stems from a study conducted by scientists at the University of Milan and the University of Milan Bicocca in April. The study shows that the Forni Glacier is one of the largest valley glaciers in the Italian Alps, but contains 131 to 162 million plastic particles, including fibers and polyethylene.

Scientists believe that these particles originate from nearby ski resorts and may be blown there by the wind.

Italian glaciologist Christian Casarotto said: "If plastics are blown into the glacier, they may stay there for decades and will not be completely degraded. Eventually, entering the food chain will have an impact Health causes damage. "Casarotto believes that the plastic restriction order should be expanded to the entire Alps as quickly as possible.

(Article source: CHINANEWS)

Although plastic products are banned, sometimes we need to use other substitutes to replace the use of plastic products for convenience. We can use non-woven cloth bag, paper bag, degradable tableware (such as bagasse packaging, CPLA cutlery),paper cup  and other green packaging to protect our environment. In daily life, try to reduce the use of plastic products to make our environment better.

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