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Philippines bans single-use plastics in government offices


Since February 26, 2020. The Philippine government has banned the use of single-use plastic products in government agencies and offices, including plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic spoons and plastic forks.

The prohibition order was issued by the Philippines Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in accordance with the instructions of the Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources and Chairman of the Solid Waste Management Committee Roy Cimatu. Specifically, various plastic products such as water cups, straws, coffee spoons with a thickness not exceeding 0.2 mm, and plastic bags with a thickness of less than 15 microns will not be allowed to be used in government offices and agencies.

Roy Cimatu said the ban was aimed at restricting the use of single-use plastic products. It is believed to be the main cause of pollution of rivers and oceans, the survival of many marine animals and the increase in the amount of solid waste in the Philippines. The above prohibition order is part of the Philippine government's strategy to avoid and reduce the amount of solid waste.

According to data released by the United Nations, 100 million plastic bags are consumed globally each year, and approximately 8 million tons of garbage are discharged into the ocean every year. Plastic waste pollution has become a serious threat to marine ecosystems. Scientists warn that plastic debris will produce plastic particles after decay, which will enter the human body through water sources and food chains and cause unpredictable effects. 

(Source: Yuetong News Agency-VNA)

Because of the bans single-use plastics. The non-woven cloth bag, paper bag, biodegradable bag will be good replacement of single-use plastic bags. CPLA disposable cutlery and paper straw/ bamboo straw straw can be used for one time use. Even if it is a regulation for government agencies and offices. But we need to consider the meaning behind the regulations and adopt green packaging as much as possible to protect our environment.

paper bag

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