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Single-Use Plastic Bags Banned in Iceland


According to "Iceland National Television" reported on August 26, 2019. Starting from Sunday, September 1, 2019, free plastic shopping bags will become history. And it will be illegal for Icelandic retailers to give away plastic bags.(Article source: Economic and Commercial Office in Iceland)

The report said that in May last year, the Icelandic Parliament approved a decree aimed at solving the problem of disposable plastic waste. It is stipulated that starting from September 1 last year, it is illegal to give away plastic bags. And the charges for plastic bags should be listed on the receipt item by item with other goods purchased. The plastic bags prohibited by the decree include thin transparent plastic bags containing fruits and vegetables traditionally given away by most shops for free.

The decree also stipulates that from January 1, 2021, regardless of the thickness of plastic bags, the provision of plastic bags will become illegal. However, bags made of other materials can still be sold. Icelandic grocery stores have been adopting single-use bags made of materials other than plastic in recent months.  The usuage of paper bags, non woven eco bag, cloth bag and some other green packaging will be increased to meet the demand of reducing plastic bags.

With the increasing awareness of protection and policies issued by some countries, some plastic products will be gradually cancelled. We can use environmentally friendly disposable tableware, paper straws, CPLA knives forks spoons in our lives to better protect our environment.

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