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Germany Bans Single-Use Plastic Straws, Food Containers


According to the Metropolitan Express, on Wednesday, German local time, the German cabinet passed a strict plastic ban.

In order to comply with the EU's directive aimed at reducing the amount of plastic waste in the environment, Germany will ban the sale of all disposable plastic straws, cotton balls and food containers. The German Cabinet agreed on Wednesday to end the sale of various types of plastic products, including disposable tableware, plates, stir bars and balloon stands, as well as polystyrene cups and boxes by July 3, 2021.

German Environment Minister Svenja Schultz said the move was to completely get rid of the “junk culture”. As much as 20% of the garbage collected in parks and other public places in Germany is disposable plastics, mainly polystyrene containers.

Plastics take decades to degrade, and biologists and environmentalists have discovered tiny plastic particles in fish, birds, and other animals in recent years.

Due to the disposable plastic straws, cotton balls and food containers ban, people can use natural paper straws, wooden cotton balls, biodegradable food containers to replace them. Sugarcane pulp platesbiodegradable soup bowls and Compostable CPLA fork knife spoon can be also used to replace plastic tableware.

natural paper straws

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