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Team Train 2018


Shenglin Packaging Company have team activities every month for all our company members. 

We created monthly meeting at the of the last day of the month to summarize our efforts and gains for the full month work. We also have random meeting on every week to meet colleagues and share our ideas and feelings. Sometimes we will share updated information about paper tableware, such as bagasse pulp tableware, paper cup, CPLA cutlery and so on. Keep on learning the information of our packaging products is important .

Shenglin Company is not just a simple company, we are also a group, a family that linked us together and share and learn from each other. 

We learn and we share, we grow and we gain. 

We are team, we are friends, we are family!

CPLA cutlery

Shenglin Company manufacturing all kinds of sugarcane bagasse tableware products and also related paper and plant products like paper cups, paper box, paper bags, corn starch cutlery and starch bio bags and so on. 

We are not only just sale, we purchase as well. We are mean to sale our products to customers and also help customers to purchasing needed items from China and ship them together to customers. We will do our best to help customers on all that we can do to support. 

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