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The Dragon Boat Festival activities to pack rice dumpling


In order to welcome the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival, our company and the community jointly organized the Packing Rice Dumplings event, and everyone actively participated in the event. Our sugarcane bagasse plates were used in the event. Sugarcane disposable plates can be used not only for rice dumplings, but also for painting for children. Shenglin Packaging have the other bagasse pulp tableware such as sugarcane food containerssugarcane bowls. Welcome to choose. Thank you.

Dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional custom of the Chinese nation since ancient times. Rice dumpling, or "Zongzi", commonly known as "Zongzi", is one of the types of "Jiao". "Jiao" is a tribute used to worship gods and ancestors during the holidays. There are many varieties of jackals. Different festivals will make different jackals. It is an ancient custom to make gods and worship ancestors.

The main materials of rice dumplings are rice, stuffing, and leaves, which have many patterns. Due to the different eating habits of different places, rice dumplings has formed a north-south flavor. From the taste point of view, rice dumplings has two major categories: salted rice dumplings and sweet rice dumplings. The custom of eating rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival has prevailed in China for thousands of years. It has become one of the most influential and wide-ranging folk eating customs of the Chinese nation, and it has spread to North Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries.

sugarcane disposable plates   sugarcane bagasse plates

bagasse plates   sugarcane disposable plates

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