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Mexico City bans single-use plastic bags


The Mexican capital Mexico City began implementing laws restricting the use of plastic products on January 1, 2020, prohibiting shops from providing free plastic bags, except for special-purpose plastic bags.

The Associated Press reported that under the new law, shops face fines if they provide free plastic bags. Most stores can sell reusable shopping bags made of thick plastic fibers at a unit price of about 75 cents.

However, this law provides businesses with free plastic bags for cooked food and cheese nets "out of hygienic considerations", and also allows businesses to provide free "degradable" plastic bags for free. But no relevant standards have been introduced so far.

For the new law, some citizens support it. And some people have reservations, thinking that if you forget to bring your own shopping bag. It is too expensive to spend 75 cents. In addition, many citizens used to use plastic bags from shops as garbage bags.

According to the new law, by 2021, Mexico City will also ban shops from providing free plastic straws, spoons and other disposable plastic products. And there will be an increasing demand of green packaging, like bio straws, CPLA knife fork spoon set, paper bags, non woven shopping bag and so on.

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