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Benefits of using disposable biodegradable tableware


Biodegradable tableware refers to tableware that is easy to fuse with the surrounding environment in a natural environment and undergo chemical action to degrade into carbon dioxide and water, thereby achieving the effect of not polluting the environment.

Biodegradable disposable tableware has the following advantages:

1. No pollution:

Disposable tableware is made from environmentally friendly materials (such as bagasse, corn starch), these ingredients do not contain harmful substances to the human body, can be assured of long-term use.

2. Zero pollution:

Bagasse tableware, corn starch tableware, paper straws and other biodegradable products are buried in the ground to a certain depth. After a period of time, it can degrade to form carbon dioxide and water, which will not cause pollution to soil and air.

3. Save resources:

Bagasse plates, bagasse bowls, bagasse lunch boxes are made of bagasse are more resource-efficient than plastic tableware. Because the production of plastic tableware requires the use of non-renewable oil.

4. High quality:

Sugarcane pulp tableware in the disposable degradable tableware has the characteristics of water resistance, oil resistance and penetration resistance. Bagasse tableware has good high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, suitable for refrigerator freezing, cold storage, fresh food preservation, microwave heating and so on.

biodegradable tableware

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