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The location of Shenglin Packaging outdoor team activity for foreign trade department this year is the seaside. The outdoor team activity selection is not only helpful for everyone to relax, but also helps us to better understand our team activity.

Seaside activities are very helpful for team development and construction. The specific benefits are as follows:

1. By playing together, it helps to strengthen the emotional communication between colleagues.

2. We went out to play together as a team, which helped to enhance the team cohesion to a new level.

3. Some activities can only be carried out when everyone works together, which helps to enhance mutual trust among team members and enhance teamwork awareness among colleagues.

4. In the activity, everyone can release the pressure of some work as much as possible, and everyone can better invest in the follow-up work. Everyone has a great time.

Because it is still in the epidemic period, our foreign trade department brought the compostable sugarcane plates, sugarcane bowls, sugarcane cups, paper soup bowl, CPLA knife fork spoon set and other tableware produced by our production department.

Although the use of disposable tableware cannot be completely prohibited. But those that can be replaced with eco friendly tableware, our environment will become better.

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