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Netherlands will ban some single-use plastic products from July 2021


The Netherlands will ban some single-use plastic products from July 2021.

The bill will come into effect on July 3, 2021, and aims to reduce plastic waste that pollutes the ocean. Prohibited products include plastic plates, cutlery, blenders and straws. In addition to this ban, other measures will be taken to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics, including improving the recycling possibilities of plastic products and better providing information on reusable alternatives.

Environment Minister Stientje van Veldhoven said that the ban is an effective step to solve the problem of marine debris. Prior to this, the Dutch government has taken other measures to help improve the environment and reduce waste, such as banning the use of free plastic shopping bags in 2016.

This legislation is part of an EU initiative agreed by the European Environment Minister and the European Parliament. All EU member states, including the Netherlands, must incorporate this directive into their national legislation.

For example, Germany has also introduced a similar ban on single-use plastics to try to solve this problem. As part of this initiative, the Netherlands will also introduce more long-term measures. For example, from 2024, bottle caps and caps must be attached to plastic bottles and packaging to increase recycling rates; from 2025, plastic bottles must contain at least 25% recyclable plastic.

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