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The paper cups are packed and ready to be shipped

Shenglin Packaging's disposable paper cups are ready to be shipped. This is a new order from one of Shenglin Packaging's old customer. 1*40HQ container is full of paper drinking cups . This customer also buy our sugarcane bagsse tableware and some other eco friendly disposable tableware.

Disposable paper cups are strong and not easily deformed, it is durable. The inside of the eco paper cups is covered with PE film or PLA film to prevent leakage. The bottom of the paper cup is round, with waterproof layer, high temperature and no leakage. Paper for cup is mad of food grade wood pulp paper and it is very environmental protection. Customer's own design is available.

These disposable paper cups can hold liquid like water, coffee, juice and so on. Shenglin Packaging provide paper cups in a variety of sizes and designs to handle everything from side dishes to super-sized entrees. 

Shenglin Packaging's sugarcane bagasse tableware, paper bowls, paper cups can be a widely  used in our daily life. More eco products:

paper cup full container                                           paper cup full container

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