Company News

To welcome the visiting clients

Yesterday the customer visited our manager to discuss some business matters and invited other colleagues of Shenglin Packaging to have dinner.

The customer who came yesterday talked to us about some recent domestic and foreign situations. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the sales of some restaurants, snack bars, and coffee shops has declined. There are many shops that sell products by way of takeaway to meet customer needs. Recently, our most popular packaging products include: bagasse lunch boxes, paper straws, paper noodle box, paper salad bowls, paper soup bowls, CPLA knives, forks and spoons. With the improvement of the epidemic situation in some countries, many customers are ordering products in order to have more products to cope with the increase in product sales due to the peak sales season and no products.

The staffs of Shenglin Packaging have prepared several new bagasse tableware samples that customers need for reference, so that customers can better check the quality of our products. It can better confirm whether there are new orders in the future.

During the period, We also talked about the current order situation of cooperation. Have a clearer understanding of the products currently being produced.

The discussion atmosphere is very harmonious. After dinner, the client left.

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