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On Friday, September 25, 2020, colleagues from the Foreign Trade Department of Shenglin Packaging held a regular meeting.

At the regular meeting, the colleagues of the Foreign Trade Department first introduced the current customer follow-up situation and some problems that have arisen. The current situation of Shenglin Packaging's website was also analyzed and discussed.

Special attention should be paid to the following points in the meeting:

1. The salesperson and the customer determine the delivery date requirements. The delivery date must be determined according to the actual situation after the internal communication, and the urgent order must be coordinated and communicated with the various departments in advance before placing the order.

2. The specific requirements and differentiated requirements in the order placed by the salesperson must be clear, write clearly, and let the relevant department personnel
Can understand

3. When the salesperson places an order "orally", it is deemed that the manufacturing order does not occur. The delivery date of the newly developed product must be clearly explained to the customer. Because of the many processes and the time-consuming debugging and mold opening, the "delivery date" must be coordinated by various departments Confirm after communication.

4. The customer will notify the quality department in advance of the inspection to eliminate the accumulation of inspections on the same day to avoid delays in delivery.

5. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the sales of many foreign restaurants are still relatively sluggish. The sales of our existing bagasse trays will be relatively decareased. At present, the main recommendations to customers are food packaging products, such as: bagasse food container, bagasse pizza box, paper bowl, paper bag, CPLA disposable cutlery and other eco products to meet customer needs.

The goal was clarified, and everyone worked hard to move toward the goal.
biodegradable tableware
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