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The last regular meeting of 2020

The foreign trade salesperson of Shenglin Packaging held the last regular meeting of 2020 on the morning of December 25, 2020 (last Friday).

The regular meeting last Friday mainly discussed the following two aspects.

1. First, the follow-up situation of recent existing customers and potential customers was reported. Conducted in-depth discussions on the relatively uncommon situations in communication with customers, to see if there is a good solution, and how to solve the same situation again in the future. Some of the good methods found in communicating with customers are actively shared with colleagues.

2. Due to the epidemic in 2020, many customers have been greatly affected locally, which has led to a reduction in customer demand for some environmentally friendly tableware. Especially some environmentally friendly tableware suitable for use in the store, such as bagasse trays. 2021 will soon be entered. Every salesperson must write a 2020 year-end summary and set a 2021 sales target.

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