more information about sugarcane bagasse tableware items


Q1: What products can sugarcane bagasse tableware items be used for??

A1: Sugarcane bagasse tableware items from Shenglin Packaging in China can be used to pack eggs, drinks, fruits, wines, instant noodles and many other food. Shenglin Packaging in China have sugarcane bagasse trays, sugarcane bagasse bowls, sugarcane bagasse food container, sugarcane bagasse cups with lids and so on to meet customers need for packing all kinds of food.

Q2: What is the HS code of sugarcane bagasse tableware items?

A2: The HS code of sugarcane bagasse tableware items is 4823699000.

Q3: What is the water and oil resistance of sugarcane bagasse tableware items from Shenglin Packaging in China?

A3: Sugarcane bagasse tableware items are water amd oil proof, up to 100 degree Celsius. ( 212 degree Fahrenheit ) in hot water and up to 120 degree Celsius. ( 248 degree Fahrenheit ) in hot oil.

Q4: How does sugarcane bagasse tableware items from Shenglin Packaging in China look like?

Q4: The surface of sugarcane bagasse tableware items are smooth and clean and the texture is consistent. Shenglin Packaging in China has samples for customers to check the quality.

sugarcane bagasse tableware items

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