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2021 notice of resume work

Dear old and new customers and friends,

Good day.

Shenglin Packaging will start work normally from today( February 18th), and all work will proceed as usual. In 2021, which is full of hopes, opportunities and challenges, I hope all employees of Shenglin Packaging can provide you with more help in your life and work, and can bring you better service.

Thank new and old customers for their support and trust! I hope we have more opportunities for cooperation in the new year and can create more value.

I wish you all a prosperous business in the new year! All the best.

The production department of Shenglin Packaging can produce sugarcane bagasse tableware (sugarcane bagasse plates, sugarcane 
 bagasse bowls, sugarcane bagasse food containers, bagasse cups and so on) and can also provide some other environmentally friendly products that customers need, such as paper cups, paper bowls and paper boxes and so on. Both customization designs and regular designs are all available for customers to choose. If you have any needs, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

Best regards

Shenglin Packaging

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