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disposable bamboo chopsticks


Shenglin Packaging in China recently released a series of disposable bamboo chopsticks.

The disposable bamboo chopsticks of Shenglin Packaging in China are made from sustainable bamboo. The rapid regeneration of bamboo makes bamboo products an ideal substitute for wood products.

disposable bamboo chopsticks

The disposable bamboo chopsticks of Shenglin Packaging have a smooth surface, strong and durable. There are separate and non-separated disposable bamboo chopsticks to choose from.

As a single-use product, it reduces the cleaning time after meals. Using disposable tableware is more hygienic than using reusable items.

Disposable bamboo chopsticks are very suitable for various occasions. Disposable bamboo chopsticks are ideal products for takeaway orders, dinner parties and daily meals. The disposable bamboo chopsticks are very suitable for a variety of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean dishes and takeaway orders. A must in any kitchen.

The disposable bamboo chopsticks are completely biodegradable and can be thrown away with other compostable items. Compared with plastic products, paper products will be more environmentally friendly.

Please feel free to send inquiry. Customers are welcome to customize and choose all kinds of bamboo chopsticks

disposable bamboo chopsticks

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