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Loading of eco bagasse food boxes


On June 16th, 2021, the eco bagasse food boxes required by Shenglin Packaging’s customer were loaded into a 40 HQ container at the factory. 

The raw material of eco bagasse food boxes is bagasse, which is an annual renewable agricultural by-product.

Eco bagasse food boxes are more environmentally friendly than foam food boxes. Eco bagasse food boxes can degrade after a period of time. Eco bagasse food boxes also have the advantage of composting.

Eco bagasse food boxes have the advantages of heat resistance, cold resistance and oil resistance. Eco bagasse food boxes can be used in a microwave for heating with packaged food. Eco bagasse food boxes can be placed in the refrigerator with food to keep the food fresh. Eco bagasse food boxes can be used to hold some greasy food without worrying about liquid leakage.

Whether hosting a party or operating a food service business, eco bagasse food boxes are perfect for serving cold and hot dishes.

The eco bagasse food boxes of Shenglin Packaging provide us with a good choice to move towards green and environmental protection.

In addition to the eco bagasse food boxes series of pulp products, Shenglin Packaging also has bagasse trays, bagasse bowls, bagasse cups, bagasse cups and so on. Some other paper tableware, such as paper bowls, paper cups and so on are available as well. Please feel free to inquiry.

eco bagasse food boxes

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