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Sugarcane Square Plate


Shenglin Packaging has a series of Sugarcane Square Plate.

The Sugarcane Square Plate from Shenglin Packaging is made from sugarcane pulp fiber, which is a renewable and sustainable source. Bagasse is a by-product of sugar cane. Sugarcane Square Plate made from bagasse means less waste and more environmentally friendly.

The Sugarcane Square Plat from Shenglin Packaging is safe to use in the microwave and refrigerator, and will not produce harmful substances during use!

The Sugarcane Square Plate from Shenglin Packaging is well made and will not crack or crack under moderate pressure. The Sugarcane Square Plate from Shenglin Packaging can hold hot food, wet food or oily food without leakage. 

The elegant look of the Sugarcane Square Plate is sure to enhance the ambience of any event. The Sugarcane Square Plate from Shenglin Packaging is perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, outdoor BBQs and more!

The raw material of Shenglin Packaging's Sugarcane Square Plate is plant fibers, which are biodegradable, which means that the Sugarcane Square Plate can be thrown away in the compound/food trash can or just buried in your backyard. Under ideal composting settings, Sugarcane Square Plate breaks down completely within 3 to 6 months, making Sugarcane Square Plate from Shenglin Packaging a great eco-friendly choice!

Sugarcane Square Plate product details as below: 

Item code







carton size(cm)
white or original
6 inch Sugarcane Square Plate
10 50 500 33*27*33
white or original
8 inch Sugarcane Square Plate
16 50 500 42*29*22
white or original 10 inch Sugarcane Square Plate 28 50 500 51.5*27.5*27.5

Sugarcane Square Plate

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