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Paper Pulp Bowls


Shenglin Packaging has a range of pulp bowls in 3 sizes and 1 matching clear PET lid.

Shenglin Packaging's Paper Pulp Bowls are made from sugarcane bagasse (a kind of paper pulp). Bagasse is an annual or perennial tropical and subtropical herb which means we can use less forest resources. 

Different sizes of Shenglin Packaging's Paper Pulp Bowls can meet different needs of serving food. Paper Pulp Bowls are suitable for holding hot and cold food. Disposable, eco-friendly Shenglin Packaging's Paper Pulp Bowls can be reheated or kept fresh with food. 

Shenglin Packaging's Paper Pulp Bowls can also hold flowers and plants. Of course, we can also use these Paper Pulp Bowls as flower fertilizer. Because the raw material of the Paper Pulp Bowls is bagasse. Sugarcane bagasse is compostable and degradable under certain conditions and time.

Shenglin Packaging's Paper Pulp Bowls are disposable and biodegradable tableware which allows us to say no to disposable plastic tableware as much as possible in our lives. We can reduce the We can minimize the pollution of plastic products to the environment.

Paper Pulp Bowls products' details as below: 

Item code




Weight (g/pcs)



carton size (cm)
white or original
24 oz fiber bowls
500 42*47*42
SLPB32 φ204.4*59.3
white or original
32 oz fiber bowls
23 125 500 48*42*21.5
white or original
40 oz fiber bowls
30 125 500 42*47*42
- PET lid for 24/32/40 oz fiber bowls 19 125 500 72.5*42.5*43

32 oz bagasse bowl 32 oz sugarcane bowls

40 oz sugarcane pulp bowls

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