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Australia's capital Canberra strengthens plastic ban


Sydney, March 8, 2022. Australia's capital Canberra strengthens plastic ban. The single-use plastic ban in Australia's capital, Canberra, has been expanded further, according to the ABC. 

Under the latest bill, food suppliers will be banned from using single-use plastics at music festivals and sporting events. This means that plastic bowls, plates, single-use plastic straws and takeaway containers will no longer be available at events including Australian Folk Festivals, Australian Football League, cricket matches and so on, but will be made of cardboard and other materials utensils and containers.

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In fact, the ACT's plastic ban may not end there. At present, relevant departments are negotiating to expand the list of prohibited items. Items that may be banned from July 1, 2022 will also include non-essential single-use plastic straws, single-use plastic bags for packing fruits and vegetables, cotton swabs with plastic sticks, and all oxidatively degradable plastic products, Such as biodegradable plastics and dog poop bags.

ACT Transport and Urban Services Minister Chris Steele said expanding the plastic ban was "another big step" in making Canberra more sustainable. "Canberrans have expressed strong support for phasing out single-use plastics and we are working hard to identify more items to add to the banned list," he said.

Don Verner, chief executive of Canberra Raiders Rugby Club, said: "As tournament organisers, we have a responsibility to protect the ecology we live in and I'm sure our members and fans will support us in this approach on matchdays. "

Mia Swanston from the Canberra Environment Centre encourages everyone to plan ahead, such as bringing utensils with them, so they can make the transition to plastic free. She believes that returning to "plastic reduction" is an important issue in the post-pandemic period.

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