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The Canadian government will ban some single-use plastics over the next 18 months


According to a report by the Canadian Television Network (CTV) on June 20, 2022, the Canadian government announced a ban on single-use plastic products such as plastic bags and plastic lunch boxes. In addition to plastic bags and plastic lunch boxes, the "plastic ban" also involves single-use plastic cutlery, plastic straws, plastic stirring rods and six-pack plastic rings (a plastic product that holds beverages).

Canada will become the first country in the world to ban the export of six categories of single-use plastic products, and will ban the production and import of such products by the end of this year.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbeault and Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos jointly announced yesterday the government's final plan to ban single-use plastic shopping bags, cutlery, and products that use or contain hard-to-recycle plastics. Takeaway boxes, plastic rings for 4 or 6 cans for easy portability, stir sticks and straws (with some exceptions).

From the end of 2022, Canada will officially ban companies from importing or producing plastic bags and takeout boxes;

From the end of 2023, these plastic products will no longer be sold in China;

By the end of 2025, not only will they not produce or import, but all these plastic products in Canada cannot be exported to other places!

Canada's goal is to achieve "zero plastic into landfills, beaches, rivers, wetlands, forests" by 2030, and let plastic disappear from nature.

Although there is still some time before plastic bags, plastic lunch boxes, single-use plastic cutlery, plastic straws, plastic stir sticks and six-pack plastic rings are banned. But we also have to start looking for some alternative environmentally friendly products.

Shenglin Packaging Company has a variety of environmentally friendly paper bags, biodegradable and compostable pulp lunch boxes, paper tableware, environmentally friendly bamboo tableware/wooden tableware/pulp tableware, and some other environmentally friendly products to choose from. Inquiries are welcome.

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