portable paper cup holder
  • portable paper cup holderportable paper cup holder
  • portable paper cup holderportable paper cup holder
  • portable paper cup holderportable paper cup holder

portable paper cup holder

1. Disposable Paper cup holder are made of white paper. 2. Regular portable paper cup holder can be used to pack 2 paper cups and they can be folded into flat paper. 3. Portable paper cup holder can be store and keep in small area, easy set up and good for take out coffee cups.


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Product Description

Portable Paper Cup Holder

Brand :N/A

Product origin :XIAMEN, FUJIAN

Delivery time :around 30days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :Good

production information

all beverage
Material: white paper or kraft paper
Design: regular design or customized design
MOQ: 100,000pcs/item to mix a container. 
Size: 387*240 or the other sizes
Color: white, brown or customized design
Feature: 100% recyclable,lightweight,unbreakable,refillable.
Packaging: usually 100 each per pack, 5 packs per carton; (also can be customized)
Delivery time:
about 20-30 days after comfirmation of design and receiving the despoit payment. 

Portable Paper Cup Holder

We also offering other related products available for customers to pick: paper cups / paper sleeve/ paper bowls and so on. 


Q: What is suagrcane bagasse?
A:Bagasse / sugarcane is a byproduct of making sugar. When sugarcane stalks are harvested, they're pressed to release their juices that get processed into sugar. Then, rather than burning or throwing the used sugarcane stalks away, the fibrous pulp is made into a paper-like substance called bagasse which is then formed into a wide variety of products like containers, plates, and bowls.

Q:Can sugarcane products handle liquids and grease?
A:Lined sugarcane products will hold liquids well and is grease and cut resistant. Unlined sugarcane works great too, but like paper, it may be more likely to lose strength when used with very hot foods or liquids.

Q:Can I put your products in the freezer/microwave/oven?
A:Paper and Sugarcane products can put into microwave and oven and go in the freezer. But freshness and freezer burn can become issues if left there too long.

Q:Some of your products are compostable. Is that the same as biodegradable?
A:The terms “ biodegradable ” and “ compostable ” are not equivalent or interchangeable. “ Biodegradable ” simply means something will be broken down by microbes over time, which is true for most materials on the planet. An aluminum can is “ biodegradable ”… if you wait 200 years. Since this term applies to almost everything, it is a pretty meaningless claim and one that has been significantly abused through greenwashing. In contrast, “ compostable ” means something will break down in a reasonable amount of time, leave behind no toxic residue, and safely become an additive to soil.

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