Sugarcane meat trays
  • Sugarcane meat traysSugarcane meat trays

Sugarcane meat trays

Shenglin Packaging has newly released sugarcane meat trays. In addition to meat, sugarcane meat trays can also be used to store vegetables, fruits and other food, which is very convenient and practical.


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Product Description

Sugarcane meat tray

Brand :N/A or customized

Product origin :Anhui, China

Delivery time :normally around 30 days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :Enough

Shenglin Packaging's sugarcane meat trays are made from 100% sugarcane fiber, which is a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable material. Due to its 100% sugarcane fiber, sugarcane meat tray can be commercially composted. Compared with plastic, styrofoam and traditional paper, sugarcane products are stronger, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Sugarcane meat trays can be made both in white color and brown color, brown color also called natural color. 

Sugarcane meat trays series including plate size below: 

Item code





238 x 174 x20
small meat tray
50 500
258 x 189 x 20
big meat tray 
50 500

Sugarcane meat trays

Widely used: sugarcane meat trays can be widely used in daily meals, weddings, barbecues or restaurants, special events and any other types of occasions.

Multifunctional: Sugarcane meat trays can be used for any hot or cold food. Sugarcane meat trays are microwave freezeable. In addition, sugarcane meat trays has high oil resistance and cut resistance. No leakage and deformation.


Q:Some of your products are compostable. Is that the same as biodegradable?
A:The terms “ biodegradable ” and “ compostable ” are not equivalent or interchangeable. “ Biodegradable ” simply means something will be broken down by microbes over time, which is true for most materials on the planet. An aluminum can is “ biodegradable ”… if you wait 200 years. Since this term applies to almost everything, it is a pretty meaningless claim and one that has been significantly abused through greenwashing. In contrast, “ compostable ” means something will break down in a reasonable amount of time, leave behind no toxic residue, and safely become an additive to soil.

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