sugarcane pulp plates
  • sugarcane pulp platessugarcane pulp plates
  • sugarcane pulp platessugarcane pulp plates

sugarcane pulp plates

Founded on 2005, Shenglin Paper Company is a leading manufacturer which specializes in disposable biodegradable paper pulp packaging products and paper tableware products. Now we have more than 4 production line for bagasse tableware, including the most popular series of round plates in all sizes. All of our sugarcane bagasse tableware products are operate strictly in accordance with BRC, QS. Sugarcane pulp paper tableware products are FDA approved for direct food contact, and certified with LFGB test for EU market. Sugarcane pulp plates are in safe to use at a wide range of restaurants, food trucks, to-go orders, parties, and other types of food service.


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Product Description

Sugarcane Pulp Plates

Brand :N/A or customized

Product origin :Anhui, China

Delivery time :normally around 30days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :Enough

Shenglin biodegradable tableware are made from green natural fiber pulp, annual growth, 100% Biodegradable and compostable. 

Sugarcane pulp tableware can be made both in white color and brown color, brown color also called natural color. 

Our disposable round plate series including plate size below: 

Item code Specification mm Description  Weight
Pcs/bag Pcs/ctn
SLFR01 φ133X12 5 inch flower ripple plate 5 50 2000
SLFR02 φ158X14 6 inch flower ripple plate 7 50 1000 
SLFR03 φ183X16 7 inch flower ripple plate 10 50 1000 
SLFR04 φ208X18 inch flower ripple plate 12 50 1000 
SLFR05 φ228X20 inch flower ripple plate 15 50 1000 
SLFR06 φ254X24 10 inch flower ripple plate 19 50 1000 

We offer standard bulk packaging and customized retail packaing ways: 

Standard bulk packaging is 50Pcs/bag.

Standard retail shrink wrap packaging: 15/25/50pcs/shrink bag+logo sticker, 1000pcs/ctn.

Sugarcane pulp paper tableware products are FDA approved for direct food contact, and certified with LFGB/BRC for both US and EU market.


Q: What is suagrcane bagasse?
A:Bagasse / sugarcane is a byproduct of making sugar. When sugarcane stalks are harvested, they're pressed to release their juices that get processed into sugar. Then, rather than burning or throwing the used sugarcane stalks away, the fibrous pulp is made into a paper-like substance called bagasse which is then formed into a wide variety of products like containers, plates, and bowls.

Q:Can sugarcane products handle liquids and grease?
A:Lined sugarcane products will hold liquids well and is grease and cut resistant. Unlined sugarcane works great too, but like paper, it may be more likely to lose strength when used with very hot foods or liquids.

Q:Can I put your products in the freezer/microwave/oven?
A:Paper and Sugarcane products can put into microwave and oven and go in the freezer. But freshness and freezer burn can become issues if left there too long.

Q:Some of your products are compostable. Is that the same as biodegradable?
A:The terms “ biodegradable ” and “ compostable ” are not equivalent or interchangeable. “ Biodegradable ” simply means something will be broken down by microbes over time, which is true for most materials on the planet. An aluminum can is “ biodegradable ”… if you wait 200 years. Since this term applies to almost everything, it is a pretty meaningless claim and one that has been significantly abused through greenwashing. In contrast, “ compostable ” means something will break down in a reasonable amount of time, leave behind no toxic residue, and safely become an additive to soil.

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