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Plastic ban in ABU Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

On June 1, 2022, the emirate of ABU Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates has introduced a ban on the use of single-use plastic bags, effective the same day. People will face fines for handing out or using single-use plastic bags.

In response to the UAE emirate of ABU Dhabi, which became the first country in the Middle East to ban plastic bags, the government will encourage people to buy affordable multipurpose shopping bags.

The ban on single-use plastic bags is based on the UAE's Comprehensive single-use Plastic Policy, launched in 2020, as part of the UAE's vision to promote sustainable living in ABU Dhabi. The ABU Dhabi Environment Agency noted that the sector plans to gradually reduce the consumption of single-use plastics throughout the emirate and encourage the use of reusable plastics.

ABU Dhabi's decision is not an outright ban on plastic, but rather an attempt to ensure its most efficient use. The retail sector is a good place to start, as it has always been a key part of the UAE's diverse economy.

Urging the use of multipurpose shopping bags encourages consumers to realize that their actions help the planet. The United Nations estimates that nearly 300 million tons of plastic waste is produced worldwide every year, causing white pollution.

Because of concerns about the raw materials used in plastic bag production and the legacy of disposable plastic bag disposal, reducing their use is an important step towards solving the global environmental crisis.

Under its comprehensive plastic products management policy, ABU Dhabi plans to completely eliminate single-use plastic cups, plates and food containers by 2024, and gradually reduce the use of 16 types of plastic products, including straws, candy wrappers and plastic bottles.

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