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Victoria, Australia banned single-use plastics from 1 February 2023

The Australian state of Victoria banned the sale or supply of certain single-use plastic products from February 1, 2023.

As early as 2021, the Victorian government announced it would phase out plastic drinking pipes, cutlery, dishes, drink mixers, food and drink containers containing polystyrene, and plastic cotton sticks.

The Victorian government has partnered with the National Retail Association (NRA) to assist businesses and organisations to understand and prepare for the upcoming ban. The NRA will visit 3000 businesses in Victoria to hold information sessions and provide a toll-free hotline and email.

What single-use plastic products have been banned from 1 February 2023?

The ban applies to single-use plastic straws, cutlery, plates, drink mixers and cotton swabs made from conventional, compostable and compostable plastics. The ban also applies to food service items and beverage containers made from expanded polystyrene.

An exception is that people who need disposable plastic straws due to disability or medical need will still be able to purchase and use these items.

Prohibited items specifically include the following single-use plastics:
Cutlery (including knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, forks, shovels)
Drink stirring stick
Cotton stick

Expanded polystyrene food service items and beverage containers. This includes foamed polystyrene plates, cups, bowls and any LIDS or LIDS that are also made of foamed polystyrene.

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