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Japan is to introduce a plastic limit rule to reduce plastic pollution


A law banning free plastic bags from supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies will come into effect this year and next, no later than the Tokyo Olympics, environment minister yoshiaki harada told a news conference at the environment ministry. The price of plastic bags and other issues will be decided by the merchants themselves.

It is reported that before the national law was issued, some local governments in Japan had enacted policies to charge for plastic bags, and achieved good results. In toyama prefecture, for example, which pioneered the policy in 2008, 95% of consumers brought their own shopping bags.

Plastic pollution has become an increasingly serious global problem. According to Japanese media reports, more than 100,000 tons of plastic bags are used in Japan every year. Japan also exports a lot of plastic waste because of inadequate domestic processing facilities and high costs. As more countries restrict the import of plastic waste, Japan is experiencing a plastic waste backlog.

More green packaging like non woven cloth bag, paper bag and biodegradable bag can be used to protect our environment. Everyone can participate in environmental protection.

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