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hainan province banned plastic


"According to preliminary statistics, the annual consumption of non-degradable plastic products in hainan is 110,000 to 120,000 tons, of which the province produces about 65,000 tons. The ban has become a global consensus and common initiative to protect the environment." Deng xiaogang, director of the hainan provincial department of ecology and environment, said the ban is a necessary step to strengthen the prevention and control of plastic waste pollution and an important measure to actively promote the construction of a national pilot zone for ecological civilization.

So, what are the main differences between "plastic limit" and "plastic forbid" ? What are the characteristics of hainan province's "plastic sculpture ban"?

"Carry out the 'plastic bag limit' work, and use payment system to limit or reduce the use of plastic bags. "The ban on plastic products emphasizes the prohibition of disposable, non-degradable plastic products listed in the relevant list." Deng xiaogang said, the introduction of the "ban plastic" has another feature, that is, the summary of domestic and world countries "plastic" experience and lessons, and made a systematic plan and deployment.

According to introducing, hainan will adopt first easy after difficult, cent industry classification is classified to advance steadily "ban model" job. First of all, it is forbidden to provide, sell and use disposable non-degradable plastic bags and plastic tableware listed in the list in the dining halls of party and government institutions, public institutions, schools, large state-owned enterprises and other enterprises in the province, as well as in the industries and places such as major tourist attractions, large supermarkets, large shopping malls and hospitals. Secondly, the list should be formulated and gradually promoted. By the end of 2020, the production, sale and use of disposable non-degradable plastic bags and plastic tableware listed in the list should be banned in the whole province.

To strengthen the closed-loop management of market supervision and law enforcement, hainan province will eliminate the production, sale and use of disposable non-degradable plastic products from two aspects: "strict production access" and "no access outside the island". The big data management platform is used to establish a traceability system for all biodegradable plastic products, and promote informatization of market supervision and law enforcement and full closed-loop management.

For the implementation of "ban plastic", people are most concerned about the use of alternative products cost and convenience.

"At present, the price of all-biodegradable raw materials is twice that of plastic products. How can we make alternative products, especially all-biodegradable products, acceptable to the public in the market and price? This depends on two factors: first, expanding production scale, increasing total market supply and reducing corresponding costs; The second is to study the corresponding incentive or subsidy policies during the transitional period." Deng xiaogang said that economic leverage should be adopted to reduce the cost of using alternative products and promote more people to choose green and low-carbon life by "picking up vegetable baskets and cloth bags".

Green packaging like non woven bag, paper bag and biodegradable bag can be used instead of single-use plastic. More bio green packaging can be used in our daily life even if we may not in Hainan province. Let us protect our environemt together.

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