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The European Union will expand the scope of legislation to ban plastic tableware


The use of single-use plastic bags in eu member states will be cut by 80 percent by 2019 compared with 2010, according to an earlier eu law, it is reported. The bill would require member states to do this by taxing plastic bags or banning them altogether.

Under the proposed ban on plastic tableware legislation, eu member states will limit the use of plastic tableware in stages until the ban is fully implemented. The plastic tableware restricted and prohibited by the act mainly includes plastic knives, forks, spoons, cups, dishes, lunch boxes, drinking straws and other related products.

Statistics show that before the "plastic bag limit" law was implemented in 2015, more than 100 billion plastic bags were used in eu member states every year, of which 8 billion discarded plastic bags were thrown into the sea, causing serious Marine pollution and causing millions of Marine life to die from plastic pollution every year. At the same time, waste plastic bags have caused varying degrees of pollution and congestion in the estuaries and riverbeds of Europe's inland rivers, leading to endangered wildlife.

Experts believe plastic tableware is in some ways as polluting as plastic bags and has become one of the most important sources of pollution in Europe.

In 2016, France passed legislation to ban plastic tableware completely by 2020. Europe and the world's first clear ban on plastic tableware countries.

On May 1, Italy's tourist island of isol-tremedi, off the east coast of Italy, became the first to pass a local law banning the use of single-use plastic tableware. Violators can be fined up to 500 euros.

Because of the environmental pollution caused by single-use plastic tableware, some other eco friendly disposable tableware has been developed, such as: bagasse tableware (bagasse trays, bagasse food container, bagasse bowl and so on), paper cups, CPLA cutlery, spoon, paper straw . Shenglin's packaging products are green packaging products. Welcome to inquiry.

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