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Limited plastic for 10 years, old problems still exist, the new format has brought new challenges -- do you order take-out environmentally friendly


In this regard, master wei has his own experience and views. It's not that you can't collect it, he says, but that many plastic containers leave behind discarded food, which is too expensive to sort, and that most single-use plastic tableware isn't recyclable, which makes recycling a poor prospect. "Now the recycling price of plastic has dropped, one catty plastic lunch box and drink bottle, also a few cents, and there are leftovers, oil, bad recycling. Most of the takeaway waste is incinerated." "Master wei said.

The reporter found through the Internet that only 14 percent of the plastic packaging in China has been recycled, and takeaway food boxes only account for a small part of it. Takeaway waste is basically used to generate electricity from garbage. If enterprises want to recycle, the economic cost and environmental cost of recycling are relatively high, and the recycling is basically unprofitable. At present, only Beijing and shenzhen have corresponding subsidy mechanisms for recycling waste plastics and other renewable resources. The specific approach is to include recyclables separated from household garbage into subsidies for public services, such as sorting fees, transportation fees and treatment fees. Relevant expenses will be subsidized in each link.

Since the general plastic waste is not easy to recycle, then, with biodegradable materials to replace the food box or packaging, is it ok?

Taiyuan knick-knacks a reluctant to disclose the name of catering enterprises, a one-time pulp box the purchase price is about 1.4 yuan, while a non-biodegradable material box the purchase price is about 0.88 yuan, the cost is nearly 1 times, "can't, must consider the cost problem, because take-out packaging costs accounted for about 2% of the whole cost, peers can calculate the bill."

The person suggested that the best solution to the current situation is to reduce the generation of take-out waste or reduce the frequency of using disposable plastic packaging in logistics.

All parties join hands to meet challenges

The original problems of difficult recycling and high cost of substitute products have not been completely solved.

"It's as much about the new economy as it is about people's spending habits. It's about technology, it's about cost." Hou xiaobin of the provincial academy of social sciences believes that to control "white pollution" and create a better city, we need to pool the wisdom of all parties.

Hou xiaobin said that the root cause of "white pollution" is the lack of the main body of garbage management. In order to fundamentally solve the problem of take-out garbage, we should make the corresponding responsibility subject take the responsibility of handling take-out garbage.

"There are two approaches that can be used internationally. One is the European model, where governments adopt mandatory policies to subsidize recycling with renewable capacity. The other is the Japanese model, which classifies waste at the source by cultivating people's quality." For this, CAI xin of personage of course of study has original view, he is in field of shanxi environmental protection more than 10 years deep cultivate, hold the post of project of shanxi swift annulus can limited person at present.

CAI xin analyzed that to start from the perspective of the whole supply chain, online shopping platforms, merchants and consumers and other relevant parties need to assume common but differentiated responsibilities to systematically solve environmental problems.

First of all, businesses should bear certain responsibilities, such as take-out enterprises, should bear a certain cost of take-out garbage recycling and disposal, rather than completely paid by the society. Secondly, at the policy, system and implementation level, a complete ecological chain from the production and sale of plastic bags to recycling should be established to control pollution with more diversified market means.

In fact, the problem of "white pollution" caused by the new consumption mode has attracted the attention of relevant departments and industries. At the national level, relevant departments are studying to adjust the "plastic restriction order" and formulate relevant implementation plans to take the lead in restricting the use of a series of non-degradable plastic packaging in the food delivery industry.

Online shopping platforms have also taken action, with reporters clicking on Meituan takeaway and ele. me finding that the "no tableware" option was added to the ordering page to reduce the use of chopsticks, napkins and other disposable tableware. Some platforms also offer rewards for users who choose "no tableware" and can exchange items in the store. There are enterprises to use new technology research can eat takeaway food box, spoon.

"In fact, what we need most is a deeply rooted concept of environmental protection. In particular, the downstream consumers, to really generate in the heart of the goodwill of environmental protection, so that free bad plastic bags are no longer cheap, so that garbage classification is no longer a troublesome thing, so that low-carbon life, green consumption really realize. CAI xin said that the change of public consciousness is inseparable from both the blocking and the neglect. Only through the joint efforts of all parties can the "plastic restriction" become a habit instead of a decree.

Limited plastic

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