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Environmental protection departments actively carry out "plastic limit" action


To reduce the import, production, sale and use of plastic bags and ensure the city's healthy environment and appearance, the ministry has actively promoted the reduction of plastic bag use and selected three provinces for the pilot program, he said.

Government regulations prohibit the production, import and use of substandard plastic bags, encourage the processing and recycling of plastic bags, or the production of packaging products with easily degradable materials, and the use of environmentally friendly plastic bags, he said.

It should be noted that Cambodia is the country that USES the most plastic bags per capita. The capital of phnom penh USES 10 plastic bags per person per day, and it is estimated that 10 million plastic bags are used every day. This is a huge waste and a burden of waste disposal. In the garbage release point, a large amount of garbage is generated every afternoon, most of which are disposable lunch boxes and plastic bags. If people are used to carrying lunch boxes made of PP materials, their own water cups and necessary shopping bags, this waste will be alleviated. Sometimes there are crowds of people dining on lawns and squares, waiting for the laughter to end, leaving a mess while sanitation workers work overtime to clean it up.

Meanwhile it is important to note that the use of plastic much, has been regarded as improve the efficiency of agricultural production and the production factors of science and technology, when some countries promote the use of two hundred and thirty found that film will be mixed in the soil, reduce soil nutrient absorption, and pieces of plastic is the wind blows everywhere, rural environment pollution, do more harm than good.

More green packaging will be used to protect our environment, like eco friendly disposable tableware, paper cup, paper straw, non woven cloth bag and so on.

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