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Are sugarcane plates eco friendly?


The sugarcane pulp refers to the rest part  after the sugar has been fully squeezed out from the sugarcane.

Sugarcane plate is one kind of Sugarcane pulp tableware. Sugarcane pulp tableware are mainly made of 100% plant fiber, using annual growth and sustainable sugarcane fiber.  It's low-carbon and eco friendly tableware, with character of: non toxic, harmless, healthy and sanitary.Sugarcane pulp tableware are microwavable, ovenable and freezer safe. Sugarcane pulp tableware are able for water and oil resistant up to 100 degree C. These characteristic are helpful when using them.

Sugarcane plates are disposable tableware. People will throw it after using it. But we do not need to worry if the sugarcane plates will cause the "white pollution" or not. This is quite different from plastic tableware. As we all know plasticc tableware is hard to degradation in the environment and it is harmful for the environmental. But sugarcane disposable plates are biodegradable and the time for biodegradable is within one year. They are eco-friendly. Sugarcane plates are just small part of sugarcane bagasse tableware. Sugarcane plates are eco-friendly as well.

sugarcane plates

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