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Plastic straws banned in São Paulo


According to the regulations in the Official Gazette on July 13, 2019, plastic straws are not allowed in hotels, restaurants, bars, bakeries, nightclubs, dance halls, concerts, and other commercial events in the State of São Paulo.


Brazil's National News Agency reported on July 13,2019 that the decree also stipulates that businesses can use recycled paper straw, edible straws or bio straws instead of plastic straws. All straws should be individually packaged and used in the same material. If you do not comply with the law, the merchant may be fined. If the same merchant repeatedly commits violations, the fine will also double.


The author of the bill, Rogério Nogueira said: "Plastic straws are one of the most serious ecological problems in the contemporary era. If every Brazilian uses one plastic straw every day, then the country will consume about 75.2 billion plastic straws every year. Research shows In Brazil, more than 95% of beach garbage is plastic products. Like other waste, these garbage will eventually sink into the sea, which will not only harm the natural ecological environment, but also endanger the health of marine animals. There are many marine animals died of accidentally eating plastic waste discarded by humans. "


In São Paulo, the capital of the state, the ban on plastic straws came into effect in June 2019, but there is a 180-day adjustment period.

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