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The general raw materials of paper cups are food grade wood pulp paper and food grade PE film.

Disposable paper cups are divided into cold paper cups, hot drink cups and yogurt cups (paper ice cream cups) according to their uses. Cold drink cups, as the name implies, are paper cups that can hold cold drinks. Cold drinks have a characteristic that they need to be frozen or refrigerated. The safe use temperature is 0 ℃ -5 ℃. Decided that the whole paper cup can be waterproof. Therefore, the material of the cold drink cup is food grade wood pulp paper and pe film on the inner and outer surfaces. This can effectively prevent wood pulp paper from losing moisture and losing its original stiffness and toughness.

Corrugated cup(ripple wall cup)is a kind of high-grade disposable paper container used for daily drinking. Corrugated cup is cup-shaped and the outer layer is a corrugated paper cup wall that is neatly arranged. Improved new paper cup.

Some paper cups will be printed with some patterns as an advertising medium for advertisers or manufacturers.

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