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issues to be noted when printing paper cups


There are four issues should be noted when printing paper cups.

First: choose the appropriate printing method.

       There are three printing methods for disposable paper cups: offset printing, silk printing and flexo printing.

1. Offset printing cannot be used to drink water. Although it can be used for publicity. It is a kind of waste.

2. Silk screen printing is relatively good. But it is lacking in the processing of patterns.

3. The best way to print colored paper cups is to use flexo printing, which is a green printing. This printing is very good for publicity, and it is simple to produce and low in cost. So it is the most commonly used printing method now.

Second: choose the right color.

        Disposable paper cup have its own colors. So pay attention to the colors when designing it is important. Paper cups are generally printed in four colors. And these four colors should not be in purple, dark blue, orange or coffee. These four colors are easy to appear deviations which will make the design messy.

Third: The design cannot be too full, there must be a certain space for the paper cup.

       Paper cups that are too full can make people feel messy, especially in the summer. The best way is to make a part of the publicity when designing disposable paper cups, leaving a certain space and angle for watching. So as to make the publicity effect better and more attractive.

Fourth: be careful about typesetting

       The design and layout of advertisements for disposable paper cups must be handled carefully. If necessary, the text can be converted into a contour style, which is both beautiful and can play a promotional role.

       We can design paper cups from a convenient perspective. Paper cups are used no matter where they are, such as coffee shops, tea shops, dessert shops and so on. Although paper cups are cheap. If the error cannot be used, it is also a big waste.

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