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Sweden is determined to ban disposable plastic products


According to a report by Swedish Radio on July 9, 2019. From 2021, the entire European Union will ban the use of plastic tableware and plates. The Swedish government hopes to go further and ban more disposable plastic products, such as plastic cups and food containers.

Environment and Climate Minister Isabella Lewin (MP) told Swedish Radio: "Disposable plastic products are basically non-degradable, which is completely unsustainable."

The government stated that it hoped to see a total ban on plastic disposable cups and food containers within two years. According to Lewin, the time before the ban will be used to investigate how to use disposable containers to replace disposables for food delivery, or whether a new recycling system should be introduced.

Because people use a lot of disposable plastic tableware and plates in daily life. To completely ban the use of disposable plastic tableware and plates, we must have good substitutes to better solve this problem. Many countries are currently looking for alternatives, such as bagasse tableware (bagasse trays, bagasse food container, bagasse bowls), CPLA knives forks spoons, paper straws, bamboo straws, paper cups, paper salad bowls and so on which are more environmentally friendly. 

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