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Coca-Cola replaces plastic straws with paper straws in Australia


Foreign media reported that Coca-Cola Amatil will stop distributing plastic straws and cocktail sticks in Australia, replacing them with paper straws approved by the Recyclable and Biodegradable Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The new paper straws will be purchased from packaging companies and will be provided to 115,000 stores across Australia through the ordering platform, including bars, cafes, fast food restaurants, as well as grocery stores, gasoline and convenience stores.

paper straws

Coca-Cola Managing Director Alison Watkins said: "We are seriously fulfilling our responsibilities to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging. We have clearly heard the voice of society-unnecessary packaging is not acceptable. We need to work together to reduce the waste, Environmental and ocean pollution. "

The Coca-Cola Company hopes that by 2025, all its packaging, including bottles, cans, plastic films and straws, will be fully recycled.

The sustainable development goals set in 2020 include:

1. Increase the water intensity of non-alcoholic beverages to no more than 1.95L / L;

2. Increase the water efficiency of alcoholic beverages by 25%;

3. Reduce the beverage carbon footprint by 25%;

4. Use at least 60% of renewable energy or low-carbon energy in the entire operation process;

5. An average of 50% rPET "development business case" in plastic containers such as soft drink bottles;

6. Screen 80% of suppliers to use responsible procurement standards.

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