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Plastic bags banned from Rio markets


Rio, Brazil’s regulations on banning the provision of plastic bags in supermarkets stated that it is estimated that an average of 4 billion plastic bags will be consumed in Rio every year, with an average of 233 plastic bags used by each resident.


The goal of the Supermarket Association is to reduce the use of plastic bags by at least half.


The first phase of the new law has been implemented since June 2019. Supermarkets must provide customers with recyclable plastic bags to replace traditional plastic bags. During the adaptation period of the new law, only two free plastic bags can be obtained for each purchase. In 6 months, the use of 1 billion plastic bags has been reduced. This is the largest reduction in the number of plastic bags used in the Brazilian market in the shortest time.


Fabio, chairman of the Rio Legislative Assembly, believes that the new law has changed the living habits of Rio residents. "Residents began to bring their own shopping bags to the supermarket. They are more practical than recyclable plastic bags," Fabio said.


The city of São Paulo has banned the use of plastic bags in supermarkets since 2015. Rio State is the first state to ban plastic bags statewide.


People can use other more environmentally friendly green packaging in their lives, such as using paper carry bag, cloth bags, and eco friendly non woven bags instead of plastic bags. Let us reduce the use of disposable plastic products in our lives and better protect our environment.

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