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Tallinn to ban single-use plastic dishes, utensils at public events


From October 1, 2019, Tallinn City has banned the use of disposable plastic tableware in public events. However, tableware made of biodegradable plastics can be used, and the material must comply with EVS-EN 13432 or equivalent standards. Bottles and utensils with a reusable logo are allowed to continue to be used. Alternatives to disposable plastics include plates, cups and other tableware made of cardboard, wood, bamboo, palm leaves, sugar cane or other degradable materials. Sugarcane bagasse tableware items (bagasse paper plates ,sugarcane bowls,sugarcane pulp food container and so on)  form Shenlin Packaging can be a good choice for you to choose from. More green packaging are available for you.


Organizers of all public events must also ensure that mixed municipal waste and biodegradable waste are sorted during the event, and the type of waste must be clearly marked on the waste container.


According to previous reports, the European Union passed a resolution in October 2018 to approve the ban on the use of disposable plastic products from 2021 in order to curb the increasingly serious pollution of the ocean and the ecological environment by plastic waste.

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