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Hungary to totally ban plastic bags from 2021


According to the Hungarian "New Herald", from January 1, 2021, the sale of disposable plastic cups and lightweight and ultra-light handbags made of biodegradable plastic will be banned throughout Hungary.(People can use green paper cups to replace the use of single-use plastic cups. Eco friendly paper bags and environ non woven bags can be used in our daily life.)

On May 13, the bill was submitted to Parliament. Anita Boros, Secretary of State for Construction, Infrastructure and Sustainable Development, told the media that this bill is based on the Climate and Nature Conservation Action Plan passed in February. The plan already includes prohibiting certain single-use plastic materials from being placed on the market.


The bill recommends that manufacturers who ban products produce alternative products, which also require innovative solutions. To this end, starting from 2020, the government will provide 5 billion HUF per year to change the technology of companies that manufacture prohibited products, expand the capabilities of manufacturers of alternative products, and acquire new production lines.


This rule, which is applicable to all EU member states, was introduced to reduce the pollution impact of the ten most common single-use plastic waste products and some unintentionally or intentionally discarded fishing gear in the seas and coasts of the EU. 85% of coastal marine debris is plastic, and these disposable products together account for 70% of all marine debris. In addition, EU rules require member states to reduce the use of plastic food containers and cups.( We can use sugarcane pulp food container and disposable paper cups with lids to replace items.)


An important goal of the European Union is the collection and recycling of single-use plastic bottles. By 2025, member states should ensure that 90% of bottles are recycled, for example, through a return system plan.

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