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White Dew

Today 12:08
In the autumn wind, we usher in a poetic solar term. Its name is “white dew”. At this time, the temperature difference between day and night becomes larger, and the water vapor condenses into water droplets, falling on the flowers, plants and trees, crystal clear in the morning light. Hence the name "white dew".

The autumn wind takes away the moisture in the air. "Anti-autumn dryness" is the key to health preservation. At this time, the harvest of melons and fruits is good, and people can try new things and add nutrition.

In this solar term, there will be the following folk food:

1. Making rice wine

Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan Zixing Xingning, Sandu, Liaojiang and other places have the folk custom of making rice wine, especially during the white dew season. They are especially happy to make rice wine. The rice wine brewed at this time is warm and slightly sweet, and is called "white rice wine". We can use paper cup when drinking outside.

2. Eat Seeds of wampee

In Fuzhou, Fujian, there is a folk custom that "white dew must eat seeds of wampee". People believe that eating seeds of wampee in white dew to nourish the body. This is because seeds of wampee has the effect of nourishing and nourishing blood, which makes the complexion ruddy. In addition, seeds of wampee can calm the nerves and relieve insomnia. We can use eco friendly disposable tableware and CPLA knife fork spoon set when  eating outside.

3. Take ten kinds of white

In Wenzhou, Zhejiang, especially in Cangnan, Pingyang and other places, there is a folk custom of picking "ten-like white" (also called "three-like white") to simmer black-bone white chicken (or duck) on the day of white dew. "Shiyangbai" refers to ten Chinese herbal medicines with the word "白", such as white hibiscus and white hair bitter.

4. Beat walnuts

Bailu season is the period when walnuts mature. There is a saying in the farm saying that "white dew beats walnuts and eats walnuts". This is not because the walnuts are mature. The main reason is that after the white dew solar term comes, the weather is getting colder. And the human body needs some warming and tonic food for the body to gradually adapt.

Sooner or later, the coolness gets stronger, and you should add clothes in time. Cover the quilt before going to bed, and don't be disturbed by the cold late night.

The weather is neither hot nor cold, and the steps should not be rushed. Keep a positive attitude and spend every day poetically.

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