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sugarcane bagasse tableware delivery


Yesterday Shenglin Packaging delivered a 40HQ container full of sugarcane bagasse tableware. The customer who bought this 40HQ container is a new customer of Shenglin Packaging. We had a very pleasant negotiation from the first contact to the last order. Customers can get free samples from Shenglin Packaging to check the quality of the products. Shenglin Packaging's products have BRC, FDA, SGS, ISO and LFGB certificates. The bagasse tableware of Shenglin Packaging meet great favored by many customers. The sugarcane tableware of Shenglin Packaging mainly includes bagasse plates, bagasse bowls, sugarcane food containers, bagasse pizza box and so on. Bagasse tableware has the following advantages:

1. Material made by nature sugarcane fiber.
2. Oil and water resistant.
3. Microwave and freezer safe.
4. It can be biodegradable and compostable.
5. Nontoxic, harmless, healthy, and sanitary.

In addition to bagasse tableware, Shenglin Packaging can also provide customers with other eco friendly disposable tableware, such as paper boxes, paper bowls, paper straws, paper cups, CPLA cutlery and so on. Welcome to inquiry. Thank you.

sugarcane bagasse tableware cartons     

sugarcane bagasse tableware container loading sugarcane bagasse tableware  container loading

  sugarcane bagasse tableware container closedsugarcane bagasse tableware container closed

 sugarcane bagasse tableware full containersugarcane bagasse tableware full container

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